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It seems every year that more and more people are getting into the lawn care or lawn maintenance business. Figuring out whom to trust, and why, becomes harder with each new company that enters the marketplace.

It is a fear many of us will experience. You have just handed a check to someone you have briefly met in exchange for services at your home or business. Sure, their online reviews were great, but can you really trust that they will provide you with the pleasant experience or product they claim?

Thankfully, NALP, the National Association of Landscape Professionals has a new designation to help combat these fears when selecting a landscape, lawn care, irrigation or interior landscape professional; the Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation.

LawnAmerica is proud to be the only company in Oklahoma and among the first seven professional companies in the United States to earn the Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation.

So what does that mean for YOU?

It means we are committed to the necessary training, education, safety, and ethics that are required to provide the highest level of care for your property. It means that we are committed to raising the standard of professionalism in the green industry.  It means you can trust that we will always do what is best for you, for your lawn, and for the environment.

Why should you check for the NALP company accreditation when looking for a professional lawn care service?

NALP accredited companies are:

  • Committed to Customer Service Excellence

While online reviews are a great place to start separating the great from the not so great companies, NALP took things a step further, completing an in-depth satisfaction survey and requesting details on how LawnAmerica cares for customers. For us, customer service is so important that we made it our mission statement; “to please our customers so much that they’ll tell others about us.” We know that to do this, we need to go above and beyond the ordinary to exceed expectations, and that simply satisfying customers through basic or minimal experiences has no place in our company. We are grateful to continuously receive compliments from customers on our lawn care service, but it’s the compliments we receive regarding the quality of our employees and their attention to detail, care for the customer, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to exceed their expectations that we value the most.


To earn accreditation, professional lawn care companies must have at least 10% of their staff Landscape Industry Certified. Certification is administered and maintained by the University of Georgia and gives employees comprehensive knowledge on proper care of warm and cool season grasses.  Rigorous written and in-person tests are overseen by the National Association of Landscape Professionals to ensure certified techs are up to speed.

  • Safe

Safety is paramount to a successful lawn care company. Each accredited company must participate in a nationally recognized safety program. It demonstrates a commitment to the safety of our customers and employees on each job site.

  • Ethical & In Compliance

Prior to earning the NALP accreditation, companies must prove their ethical client relations and business practices. The National Association of Landscape Professionals verifies that we provide clear client communications and ethical operating procedures. They also verify we maintain proper insurance coverage and warranty policies. This ensures that each Landscape Accredited Company complies with state, local, and federal statutes and licensing requirements, all providing you peace of mind and comfort.

Do you want to learn more about LawnAmerica’s core lawn care and enhancement services? Visit our website here or give us a call 918-249-5296 or 405-562-4300.

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