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We've been thinking about offering our lawncare services in Edmond and Oklahoma City area for several years, and we recently have pulled the trigger on this venture. After obtaining a very large commercial property in Oklahoma City, we decided it was time to go. We for now are driving the turnpike every few weeks from Tulsa, but will have a place to call home by this winter, and begin marketing to OKC homeowners and businesses soon. So the weeds in OKC had better be warned LawnAmerica is coming your way!

Oklahoma City soils are a little more alkaline (higher pH) than Tulsa, and the climate is a little drier. Other than that, the turf, landscapes, and customers are pretty similar. It's a little flatter also, so our guys will appreciate not having to push that heavy fertilizer spreader up hills as they do in parts of Tulsa! It's bigger, with more miles to cover and more people, so that's exciting to us. We've been blessed here in Tulsa, and have done very well, serving almost 13,000 customers, making us the largest lawncare provider in Oklahoma. So with the OKC expansion, with time, we hope to be able to help even more homeowners and businesses with their lawncare needs, and make their world a little greener. And, we hope to provide more great professional opportunities for our LawnAmerica team members.

Giving back to the communities we serve is also a big part of LawnAmerica. So weíll do things in Oklahoma City and Edmond to help kids, families, and non-profits as we've done for 16 years here in Tulsa. Currently, we are serving lemonade every Wednesday at Keith's Lemonade Stand at the Little Lighthouse

at 36th & Yale. We, along with a few other Tulsa businesses such as Chick-fil-A, are helping to raise $250,000 for the new expansion at LLH. So stop by and see us, enjoy some free lemonade, and make a contribution to the Little Lighthouse so they can serve more deserving kids in Tulsa.

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