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So What’s the Difference between LawnAmerica and Trugreen?

I was out in the field with two of our Route Mangers in Bartlesville on Wednesday helping to do some lawn treatments and checking on how things were going. There happened to be a Trugreen truck running around in the same neighborhood treating some lawns, one of which was right next door to one we had just treated. In the markets we serve in Oklahoma and in North Carolina, Trugreeen is the biggest competitor, as they are the largest national lawncare company in the nation. In Tulsa however, LawnAmerica is larger than Trugreen, which is rare in the larger markets they are in.

We sometimes are asked the question, “What makes us better than Trugreen”, or any other lawncare company for that matter. So these pictures show just a few examples of why customers are better served by using LawnAmerica.


Notice the sidewalk next to the turf where the lawn flags are. The LawnAmerica lawn has no fertilizer on the sidewalk, as our guys carry a blower on their trucks to remove granular fertilizer off concrete surfaces such as sidewalks, and put it into the turf where it belongs. Their guys are too busy to do that, and have too many lawns to treat that day. Blowing fertiizer off sidewalks and driveways is the right thing to do, from an agronomic and environmental standpoint, but it does take time and money.

Their fertilzer was all white, inicating that there was zero slow-release nitrogen or organic material in their fertilizer blend. TrugreenOur LawnAmerica lawn fertilizer, as you can see in this picture, has some blue pellets, green, and with two shades of brown, in addition to the white pellets. We’re not trying to have pretty colored fertilizer or anything, but these are all slow-release nitgrogen or organic sources of nitrogen. Addiing slow-release nitrogen to a fertilizer blend is also the best agronomic and environmental practice, and leads to superior results. Again, they do cost more money. I can can buy a bag of fertilzier without slow-release Nitrogen for about $6, while our spring fertilzier blend came in at almost double that price. But the results are worth it. And you can also see in the Trugreen lawn a line of crabgrass and other weeds in the turf next to the sidewalk, which has fertilzer still on it. Our lawn is clean and weed-free.

So these are just a few of the many real differences between LawnAmerica and Trugreen. It’s all about better people, better products, and better processes, such as doing the little things in blowing fertilizer off concrete areas. Trugreen is a big, national company owned by private equity. Those investors living in other states really don’t care much about customers, just the balance sheet and financials. LawnAmerica is locallly owned, and while the balance sheet is still important, I as the owner know the importance of taking care of employees and customers, and giving back to our community. That is where it all starts, and are the keys to providing great service. And I’m sure that the owner of Trugreen is not out working in the lawns, talking with customers, and does not write his own blogs!

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