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Oklahoma friends, it has been a wet few weeks. The amount of rain we have received across the state is definitely having an impact on our schedule. The excess moisture is not only slowing down our ability to get to properties on time but is also causing issues in lawns such as extra weed pressure and more disease potential. Hopefully, we can get some sunshine soon to help begin the drying process.

There are a few things that can be done to help in these wet conditions.

  • First of all, make sure your sprinkler system is turned off. Lawns have plenty of moisture at the moment.
  • Try to stay consistent with your mowing schedule. The taller the grass stays, the more moisture gets trapped in the thatch layer, and that creates prime conditions for fungal activity. Fescue lawns are especially susceptible, but warm-season grasses such as bermudagrass and zoysiagrass can be impacted as well.
  • When you mow, make sure you don’t leave wet clumps of clippings on the lawn. These will damage the healthy turf if left on top of the turf. Bagging clippings is an option, or we recommend that you mow over the lawn twice to clean up any excess clippings. Using a blower to distribute the clippings after you have finished mowing will also help.
  • If you have or suspect fungus activity, let us know. We can apply a fungicide treatment to help keep any disease from spreading.
  • Weeds will thrive in our current conditions. Our current application will do a great job of cleaning up the weeds while adding a booster of pre-emergent to the soil. We also offer free service calls for full-program customers.
  • Make sure you also walk around and dump out any standing water from various containers, pots, or toys around your lawn. The standing water will create the perfect environment for mosquitos to breed. If you want to be proactive in helping to prevent mosquitos, give us a call to learn more about our BuzzOff! Mosquito Program.

Our biggest challenge at this point is having lawns dry out enough that we can treat them without damaging them. We recognize that each part of town is different. Some lawns dry out quickly, and some hold water for days. We will work hard to make sure we get to everyone as quickly as possible, but if your lawn is holding water, we will reschedule it for a later date.
Ultimately we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Hopefully, the sun comes out soon!

P.S. – We dealt with similar conditions in May of 2015. Check out a blog from that time with very relevant information for today.

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