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The insect that everyone loves to hate, and the ultimate party crashers.

Every time we want to be outside enjoying our beautiful lawn, mosquitoes end up crashing the party, annoying and biting us and our loved ones.  It isn’t just us humans that they are after though; they will zero in on our pets too causing issues such as heartworms in our four-legged friends.

Heartworms, according to an article published by the FDA, are caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis.  These worms are carried by mosquitoes and under the right conditions can cause infections primarily in dogs, but also in cats and ferrets. Left undiagnosed or untreated, these parasitic worms will mature, reproduce and move into the heart and lungs of our pets causing sickness or even death.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to help prevent the spread of heartworms to our furry friends.

  • Since mosquitoes are most active around dawn and dusk, limit outdoor exposure for both yourself and your pets during these times.
  • Use of preventative treatments for pets is recommended. Products like Heartgard or K9 Advantix help to repel mosquitoes as well as fleas and ticks.  Consult your local veterinarian for the best product for your pets.
  • Eliminate all standing water from your lawn. Replace the water in birdbaths frequently, and don’t forget to keep your gutters clean.
  • Use a professional service, like our BuzzOff! Mosquito Control Program, to help kill existing mosquito populations and interrupt the life cycle of the mosquito.

We all love our dogs, and I have been told there are apparently people who even like cats. Regardless of species, we want to make sure they are all well taken care of and live a long, healthy life.  Helping eliminate mosquitoes is just one way that we can ensure our pets are happy and healthy.

For more information and a few more tips check out this blog from the Pet Health Network.  You can also give us a call.  We are always happy to discuss dogs….I mean services.

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