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Tree SaplingsEvery year at this time of the season we’ll have some customers contact us about all of these weeds in their lawns in Oklahoma. So with service calls being free in-between regular treatments, our Route Managers will go out to spot-treat only to discover they are not really weeds, but small tree saplings that have germinated in the lawn.

Well technically they are weeds, as a weed is simply a plant growing out of place. And homeowners expect a lawn that is 100% berumudagrass, zoysiagrass, or sometimes fescue.  But trees in the landscape and in the area are trying to reproduce like any other living thing, so they’ll produce thousands of little tree seeds every year, and emit them into the environment where the wind, water, animals, etc. will disperse them. And some of them end up germinating in your lawn and landscape.

It’s really not even practical to try to spray it, as once it’s mowed, the little sapling doesn’t have a chance to re-generate and grow.  It’s not like a tree is going to grow in the middle of your lawn, unless you don’t mow it down and you want it there. Pre-emergent herbicides do not stop tree saplings from germinating in the lawn, so they will always pop up during mid to late spring. These saplings don’t put any pressure on the turf, and will die out naturally after a few weeks. So if you have certain trees that are heavy seed producers in your neighborhood, expect an annual invasion of these little plants every spring.

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