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Working side by side with Mother Nature in the lawn care world definitely has its perks.  We get to be outside and enjoy the fresh air each day.  We get to stay in shape and keep a pretty decent tan; well if you consider a farmer’s tan decent.  We also get to enjoy the beauty of the lawns, trees, and flowers around the neighborhoods we service.

Working side by side with Mother Nature in the lawn care world also has some challenges.  For one, every year is just a little bit different from the year before.  Some years it is hot and dry.  Other years are hot and humid.  Sometimes it rains all spring and other times it seems like you can’t run the sprinklers enough.  That can make caring for your lawn more challenging.

This season has been no different across all of our markets.  We have seen higher than normal rainfall amounts, in some cases currently exceeding the yearly average by over 13 inches. Couple that with the hot temperatures we have, and you have the recipe for some weeds to be breaking out.

It’s not uncommon to see some weeds like crabgrass and dandelions start to become an issue in late August, but it feels like it has been more pronounced this year.

Now, you may be wondering, if I had a pre-emergent already this year shouldn’t that have prevented the weeds from coming up at all?

The answer is yes, and no.  Pre-emergent applications are applied to prevent specific weeds from germinating for a specific period of time.  Pre-emergents are not designed to prevent all weeds for an indefinite amount of time. These products begin to breakdown as soon as they are applied — the speed at which they breakdown is influenced by moisture and temperature.  Dryer, cooler environments will usually allow for the pre-emergent to breakdown slower and last later into the season.  The inverse is also true; the hotter the temperatures and the more rainfall or irrigation that occurs, the faster the pre-emergent breaks down. Unfortunately, this season has been a combination of hot and wet.

The good news is that service calls are always free for our full-program customers, and we are happy to come back and spot-spray any weeds that are present.  For many of you, the next application is just around the corner, however, if you need us to come by sooner, just reach out by phone or email, and we will be out promptly to get everything taken care of.

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