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$60 plus tax for a bag of "Weed-n-Feed"

You know that spring is coming soon, as the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have their shelves packed with fertilizer, herbicides, topsoil, mulch, and all the other outdoor condiments needed for a beautiful landscape in Oklahoma. So I went to the local big box store to chekc out what they were peddling to homeowners these days. If I was a “do-it-yourselfer”, I ‘d need a pre-emergent herbicide to apply, so using the Scott’s 28-0-4 with Pendamethalin, I’d spend about $65 including tax for that 40 pound bag, which the label says will treat 15,000′ of turf. So let’s say my lawn as 7,500′, an average lawn for Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I’d apply 20 lbs now, and since Pendamethalin is an inferior pre-emergent product compared to the Barricade we use, I’d need to apply it now and again two months later. Since these “weed-n-feed” products are simply granular fertilizers coated with a pre-emergent, I’m applying this mainly nitrogen fertilizer to a dormant bermudagrass or zoysiagrass lawn now, which is a waste of money and product, as warm-season turf does not need or even utilize nitrogen now during dormancy. I’ll also need to buy a spreader to apply this fertilizer, another 50 bucks or so.

If I have broadleaf weeds in my lawn, and I probably do if I don’t use LanwAmerica, I’ll need to spray a liquid Trimec on my lawn, or something with a different trade name that contains the herbicides needed for broadleaf weed control. That’s another $16 or so, along with some type of sprayer to apply with. So after adding it all up with the products and supplies to treat my little 7,500′ lawn, it comes to over $100 a homeowner will spend for early spring weed-control. And, this assumes you have the time to do it. And if it does not work to your satisfaction, try taking an empty fertilizer bag back to Home Depot and asking for another bag, since the first one did not work!

If I as a homeowner simply write a check for $67 to LawnAmerica for my early spring pre-emergent and post-emergent weed-control, I’m done! It’s actually cheaper to use us rather than doing it yourself. Now if it does not rain, I’ll need to water it in within a few days. But if within 30 days I’m not pleased, a phone call or an e-mail brings my Route Manager back to my lawn for free to do whatever is needed to make things right. Plus, instead of messing around with chemicals, waiting in line at the box store, and wasting my time killing weeds, I’m doing the stuff I really like or need to do.

One of the best benefits though of using a professional lawn care company in Oklahoma is the knowledge and education you’ll receive. If your lawn and landscape does wierd things, as it will at times, we’re here to help. We can help fix most issues, or at least inform you of your options. And who do you really trust for information on your lawn, the part-time dude at Home Depot, or a company such as LawnAmerica, with over 30 years of lawn care experience in caring for tens of thousands of lawns? Pretty easy answer to me!

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