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There’s a sucker born every minute. Have you seen the latest TV infomercial on Grassology, the miracle grass? Bob Villa is recommending it, so it must be great…..right? It is also showing up in some of the box stores, including Wal Mart. Here is the link to the TV spot so you can see their claims:

grassologybag1They claim this miracle seed provides a turf that is thick and green, requires little watering and fertilization, naturally fights insects, disease, and weeds, and it’s even made in the USA. For only $14.99 plus shipping, you can buy a whole two pounds of seed. If you look at the actual seed label, which is required by law, one will see that most of the turf varieties do not even grow or do well in Oklahoma:

  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Tall Fescue
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Hard and Chewing Fescues

Tall Fescue is the only one that is found in Oklahoma turf. The rest are inferior types, clumpy, or die out in summer heat. And, there is .08% other crop seed and .05% weed seed in their blend. Both should be 0%, as our LawnAmerica blend is. Any weed or other crop (a weed) seed is unacceptable in a seed blend. The label also states that the variety is unstated. In other words, they buy a bunch of crap that seed companies do not sell, or whatever is left over from the seed season, and stick it into the bag.

There is no miracle grass that does not need water, fertility, and just naturally repels weeds, disease, and insects. There are no university studies behind grassology. And hate to burst their bubble, but pretty much all grass seed comes from the good ole’ USA. I toured the seed farms in Oregon two years ago, where most is grown, and we were not shown any miracle grasses coming our way.

The real kicker is that a homeowner will pay over $7 per pound for this “miracle seed”. We sell to some customers our custom LawnAmerica Tall Fescue blend in the fall for about $2 per pound, and its stuff that really grows in Oklahoma with zero weed and other crop seed. Plus, there are good varieties in our blend which we personally research and pick out.

So don’t be fooled into buying this grassology stuff, because it is just a rip-off. Like anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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