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689e0d9c-1560-45ce-ba69-8b62f281eb59Next week can’t come soon enough for many of us, as this long and nasty presidential race mercifully comes to an end. There are many important state and regional races and state questions to decide upon also, but it’s the presidential race that has dominated the headlines, with many of us scratching our heads as to what to do. While there are some folks in our area that strongly support one or the other candidate, there are more people that have a lot of mistrust, dissatisfaction, and even downright anger directed at  both candidates, causing many to ask, “Is this the best we can do?”

Many in the business world may be concerned about the consequences of one party gaining control, while other people from different walks of life may be concerned about the other party. We’ve heard all the negative things that the other candidate will bring to the table if they win, with impending doom and gloom, along with promises of nirvana if the person speaking is elected.

But our democratic system works, and next week, we’ll have a newly elected President and leader for our country. The sun will still rise on November 9th, and I’ll bet it will be another beautiful Oklahoma sunrise. We’ll still have families to love, and people who love us. Some of us will still have businesses to run and employees to take care of. And for people of faith, we’ll have the assurance that our God will still be in control.

Some people in Oklahoma thought the world was coming to an end eight years ago. And sure, it’s a challenge for a business owner to deal with all the government regulations, taxes, changes in the marketplace and such. However, it’s not seemed to slow us down much here at LawnAmerica. We’ve more than doubled in size over that time, employing over 60 people now with great jobs, serving thousands more Oklahoma customers, paying more taxes, doing more good in our community, while making a bunch of lawns look really nice!

So does it really matter all that much as to who is in the Oval Office for the next four years? It does, so hence the need to vote. But WE can have so much more influence in our families, schools, businesses, communities, and hence our world if WE just focus on our own individual responsiblity in being the best person we can be and in serving the people around us. Whoever turns out to be our next President will have a tough trail to hike on, with over half of the country critical of them before they even take the oath of office. I say let’s support them, give them a little grace (which both could really use), and work hard in doing what we can do to have influence in for our families, our community, our businesses, and individually to make our next President look good.

So go vote next week, get past this election, and let’s roll. WE can then just concentrate on being stronger together, and our country will become even greater…..playing to both candidates vision for our country!

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