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The lawn service industry is like any other industry. There are many to choose from and it’s sometimes difficult to really know how to choose the best. In most large markets, there are a few great ones, the majority are OK, and some cannot be trusted or will be out of business within a year or this writing. Lawn care is a service, and it’s really difficult to make a decision on service without touching and feeling it, as one would with a product. There are some key things to look for however which will usually clue you in as to who the best lawn care company is to service your lawn.

  • Are they licensed and legal? Check with the state licensing agency, the Department of Agriculture, to insure they are.
  • Are they insured properly? If they are licensed by the state, that is one of the requirements.
  • How does their equipment look? Is it old, dirty, and worn looking, or clean and new?
  • What is the appearance of their employees? Are they in uniform?
  • Are they members of professional trade organizations, such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the local Chamber of Commerce, and others?
  • What are their online reviews like, such as Angie’s List?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have local ownership, and do they give back to the communities they serve?
  • What type of guarantee do they have?
  • Does there website look professional, with good lawn and landscape information on it?
  • Ask them about the products they use, and their programs. How often do they come out to service the lawn?

From my 30 years of experience in caring for lawns, I really think it all boils down to three things….the People, Products, and Programs.

I can assure you that LawnAmerica has the best, most educated, most caring folks in the business, averaging over six years in lawn care experience. We pay and treat them will, so that they will then serve our customers very well. Our programs are very unique, tailored to meet the needs of the lawn, not the cash flow of the company. And nobody uses the quality slow-release Nitrogen fertilizers, and the newest in weed-control products that we do on a regular basis at LawnAmerica.

There is a reason why LawnAmerica services more homeowners than anyone in the entire state of Oklahoma, and now with expansion into North Carolina. We’ve proven ourselves to be the best, providing better service and results, keeping our loyal customers, and gaining more referrals from them.

For a recent KJRH news spot on how to choose a lawncare company, visit this link.

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