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We’ve all seen Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Aside from A Christmas Story, it’s aired more than any other holiday movie. There’s something in Christmas Vacation that every family can to relate to. Some families have a grandma who wraps up her jello salad or their cat, other families have a Cousin Eddie parked out by the curb right now. For my family, it was Clark out on the ladder putting up the Christmas decorations. We would watch my dad climb up on the  ladder and onto the roof and keep the car ready for when he would inevitably tumble off into the shrubs.


Last year alone, over 16,000 people had to go to the emergency room to be treated for some sort of holiday decorating accident. From opening presents to falling off the roof, this time of year can be  dangerous to those filled with holiday spirit(especially eggnog). One third of the people who came into the emergency room were there from falling off a ladder.


So this Christmas season, give us a call to not only save you from a trip to the emergency room, but also to save you time! Our professional installers can work with you to create a custom package based on how big or small you want to go! You can keep up with the Griswolds by letting us handle everything from install and free service calls for burnt out bulbs to takedown and storage before next year! No more giant balls of tangled lights to fight with every year, no more stapled thumbs and no more punting Rudolph into the neighbors yard this year. Call us today to get it set up!

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