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Much as we predicted, all of this extra rain has caused the grass (and weeds) to grow like crazy. Based on recent data from the Oklahoma Mesonet, we are now in 3rd place for the Top-10 Wettest Oklahoma Augusts. It appears we are only about half of an inch away from claiming the top spot! Even though we cannot control the amount of rain falling, don’t worry; service calls to kill any pop-up weeds are always free for our full-service customers. Moreover, if you are having trouble keeping up with mowing the fast growing grass, we can help you there too with our Primo applications. Primo slows the growth of the turf while still maintaining thickness and color.

Just give us a call. We are happy to help.

We are barely at the halfway mark for the month of August, but already the talk of breaking moisture records in Oklahoma is all over the news. Not that we are complaining, because with the increased rain our temperatures have remained surprisingly comfortable and the landscapes have remained lush and green.

However, all this extra rain can cause challenges that we don’t usually face in our typically hot and dry summer patterns.

Excess moisture tends to lead to increased weed pressure. Part of the reason is due to the breakdown of pre-emergent herbicides that are applied in early spring. It would not be uncommon to see late season crabgrass start to break through. Broadleaf weeds also love the moisture, as well as the cooler temperatures, making it easier for many to germinate. Not to worry though, as a full program LawnAmerica customer, all you need to do is give us a call, and we will be happy to return at no charge to keep any pop-up weeds in check.

Excess rain also creates disease pressure, especially in Fescue and Zoysiagrass lawns. Fungicides are available to help keep any disease issues under control. For more information on what to look out for, check our previous blogs on Brown Patch and Large Patch in Zoysia.

During wet conditions, grass often grows taller than normal. After this above average grass growth, a common mistake made is to mow too short. Rather than adjusting the height of the mower to remove only one-third of the blade, the mower is left at normal height and too much is mowed off. When that happens not only does the grass become unnecessarily stressed, but the vast majority of the color of the turf is removed, leaving the lawn a pale green rather than the darker green we all want.

Also, don’t be afraid to just turn off your sprinkler system for the next week or so. Your lawn and plants will appreciate the opportunity to dry out.

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