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Thank YOuAs with any service business such as LawnAmerica, we could not serve our customers in Oklahoma and our employees could not do their jobs without the excellent and professional work of folks behind the scenes at the office. Today we want to express a special Thank You to our office staff for the great job that you do.

We’ll receive almost 100,000 phone calls or e-mails during 2016 in our main Tulsa office. Our office staff is the first person to address the needs of our customers, and serve as a liaison between them and our field staff. When things go wrong, as they sometimes will in the field, it’s our office staff taking the brunt of the call.  When a prospect calls for an estimate or a customer has a question, they take the calls. They make the deposits, pay the bills, and handle the vast amounts of paperwork and records needed in a business like LawnAmerica. They serve both our customers, and our team members, which can be challenging at times.

So we want to say a big Thank You to our administrative professionals, as we think they’re the best around!  From Sharon Cowles with over 11 years of experience, to our “newbie” Terri Dershem as a receptionist, when you call LawnAmerica, you get a real person answering the phone, not a machine full of options to choose from. Our Office Mananger, Jeremy Borrer oversees it all, with 10 years of experience in the field, with sales, and in the office. In addition to answering phones, Brian Haden is a spreadsheet genius, Mike Bennett does the inventory, and Tami Jacobs pays the bills.  And even though he’s really not technically in the office but rather the warehouse, Brett Boyer does a great job supporting our field staff by keeping our trucks and equipment on the road and working on the lawns.

So take some time to show your appreciation today to the people who selflessly serve both employees and customers not only here at LawnAmerica, but in all businesses.

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