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No, it’s not an April Fools, that’s solid green bermudagrass in your lawn, and it’s only April 3rd. In over 32 years of caring for lawns in Tulsa, and now Oklahoma City, I’ve never experienced the turf to be this far along so soon in coming out of dormancy. As long as we don’t have one of those mid-Spring freezes during the next few weeks, that’ll be great. But it is Oklahoma remember, and the weather can turn on a dime.

With the warm soil temperatures, crabgrass is up and running, although the weeds are very small now. We are still applying a pre-emergent at LawnAmerica, switching to a product named Dimension. It will still control young crabgrass that has germinated and still in the 1-2 seed leaf stage. So Dimension will still work well in preventing crabgrass, as long as it’s applied over the next few weeks.

With a pre-emergent down earlier, our existing customers are seeing their first application of a granular fertilizer applied. We use a much higher quality product than anyone around, a 36-1-3, with 70% slow-release Nitrogen. The slow and timed release of the Nitrogen is key, as it gradually provides nutrients over a 12 week period, rather than hitting the turf all at once. So our fertilizer will do a nice job of greening up the turf, sustaining that color for up to 12 weeks, without the surge of topgrowth that other fertilizers will cause.

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