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Got Moles?

I’ll bet you do. Both moles and gophers are becoming more active in lawns as we get into fall. Moles are smaller, make foraging tunnels across your lawn, while eating insects and worms in the soil. Gophers are larger, constructing larger mounds of dirt as they make deeper tunnels. Gophers are herbivores, eating plant roots. Both can be a pain in the lawn!

We’ve tried about everything at LawnAmerica to help our customers control these pesky critters, with various results. There are no easy answers, but there are a few methods to control the population so that they do not destroy your lawn.

We do offer a Mole Control Program consisting of setting Talprid Mole Baits into the tunnels. Sometimes this works well, and sometimes it is inconsistent. A good solution may be to contact one of the professional trappers we recommend. Your chances of actually killing the varmint is pretty good with this choice. With persistence, you can set and trap moles yourself, but it does take work and experience.

We don’t really recommend applying grub control as a means of control by eliminating a source of their food, as they also consume earthworms. So again, sometimes this method may help, but it’s not the best solution. Other methods I’ve heard of, including pitchforks, dogs, sonic blasters, drowning them out, chewing gum, attack dogs, shotguns, TNT…..I just can’t vouch for!

Visit the Mole Control page on our website for more information, including contact information on our two recommended trappers. These guys are really good, and charge per critter, either moles or gophers. We’ve had many customers tell us they have done a good job of eliminating their moles and gophers. When you contact them, make sure to let them know you are a LawnAmerica customer, and they will take care of you well.

This mole was no match for my trap, but it did take some work.

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