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Today’s blog is written by Jake Johnson, Brad’s oldest son. Jake joined the LawnAmerica team several months ago after serving our country in the US Marine Corps. Though his current tenure with LawnAmerica has only been a few months, being a Johnson, he has years of lawn care experience under his belt and is a valuable member of the LawnAmerica team.

Last week I was forwarded a story from Good Morning America titled, “TruGreen Lawn Care caught ghosting yards in Florida.” After following the link, I discovered they were not in fact celebrating Halloween early, instead ghosting was referring to the practice of just hanging an invoice and leaving without providing the service promised.

Ghosting yards is sort of taboo in the industry, at least I know it is at LawnAmerica. It’s the ultimate sin, as it shatters the trust between company and consumer. I’d compare it to when Ham in the classic movie, The Sandlot, says “You play ball like a girl!” and all the kids go silent. None of us want to be accused of that.

Initially I thought the story would be good for LawnAmerica, since TruGreen branch is our closest competitor. Then I started to think how it looks on the whole lawn care industry.

Lawn care is different from services like mowing, where it would be pretty easy to prove your mowing company didn’t come out and mow your yard, while standing in knee high grass. When we come out to fertilize and spray your weeds or do a service like mole control or mosquito control the results are not always as obvious right away. There are also many factors that affect those results such as weather, soil type, and grass type among many other things. Regardless, there has to be a trust from the customer that we are doing what we say we are, and we actually do what we say we will do.

When something like this happens and ends up on the news, it looks bad on all lawn care companies. It puts that seed of doubt in the customers head regardless of who they use. I can’t vouch for other companies, but here at LawnAmerica we don’t ghost lawns and the thousands of satisfied customers over our 17 years over service will attest to that.

The reason I can say that with confidence and the thing that separates LawnAmerica from anyone else, is our employees. Brad and the staff make sure that each employee hired on is the right fit. Not just that, he’s a fast worker and a Cardinals fan, if that helps. Brad makes sure as employees we have a fair workplace, above average pay and quality incentives to work towards having satisfied customers. All of the staff here starts at the same technician level, learning not only the technical side of lawn care, but also our culture of integrity.

Even I did. You’d think I would have a leg up having the last name “Johnson”, but I’m the lowest man on the company totem pole and he reminds me every week of that fact. I’m starting at the bottom learning from all the experience of my coworkers on what makes LawnAmerica, well… LawnAmerica.

You can see exactly what we stand for in our Core Values right here on our website.

Seven Core Values

All of this boils down to a company and customer having a working partnership and good communication. We all share the common goal of having a good-looking, weed-free yard. If there is ever any question you have about the services we provide or just want to know what exactly we are doing, just ask! We love to educate our customers, because that makes our job a lot easier when there is an open line of communication happening.

Plus we are most likely tired and could use an excuse to stand around and talk while catching our breath. That’s about the only time Brad doesn’t mind us taking a break.

We as a company would be nothing without you as a customer! We have a vested interest in each and every lawn and strive for perfection. I look forward to treating your lawn!

-Jake Johnson

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