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As winter sets in, it’s a nice break from chores in the lawn and landscape. Hopefully you’ve put your mower to bed, the leaves are up, and you are enjoying some time sitting by the fire inside. One task that is very important at this time of year however is providing good soil fertility for your trees and shrubs in the landscape.

The best time to fertilize according to Oklahoma State University is in late fall after the first killing frost. That occurred back in late October or November, so that means that into December is still a great time to fertilize. With this, your trees and shrubs will come out stronger and healthier next spring from the soil nutrients applied over the winter.

At LawnAmerica, we inject into the root zone with a soil probe a liquid solution of fertilizer, consisting of the following:

  • – Both slow and quick-release nitrogen
  • – Other soil nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and iron.
  • – Holganix, an organic soil amendment, with hamates and mychorrizal fungi.

These products help strengthen the root system of plants and provide the correct soil nutrients for good plant growth and health next spring. We have found that a properly fertilized tree or shrub will grow more, have better foliage, and resist insect and disease problems much better.

It’s important to place the fertilizer down into the soil where the roots are located, rather than just on the surface. The root system of large trees can extend well beyond the edge of the canopy, so we fertilize about 30% beyond the dripline of the tree, where many of the new feeder roots are located.

Since large trees usually have fescue turf under them in the shade, you’ll see little dark green spots with higher grass where the soil was injected with fertilizer. The turf roots do absorb some of the fertilizer, so this is a response to that. As spring progresses, the turf seems to even out and turn greener and grow more with the warmer weather.

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