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We have started our last regular lawn treatment of the season for our LawnAmerica customers. It consists of a liquid blanket treatment for pre and post-emergent weed-control. It’s very important to water in this pre-emergent within a few days for best results. So if we do not receive rainfall within 3 days, water in this treatment with just about 1/4” of moisture.

Several years ago we converted to a new and better pre-emergent named Specticle Herbicide. It’s new, and very unique, in that it not only does a superior job of stopping Poa Annua and other winter grassy weeds from germinating, it also is labeled for pre-emergent control of many broadleaf weeds.

Specticle is very safe, and lasts much longer with weed control…even into the next spring and early summer. It’s so safe that there is not even a signal word such as Caution on the label as you can see. The downside is that it is much more expensive compared to the standard products we’ve used in the fall and most other lawn care companies use.

However, with our size at LawnAmerica, we get a much better price, so we are able to work it into our fall mix. LawnAmerica uses the best products for caring for lawns, such as Specticle, when most others go the cheap and easy route. This is another reason why we may be a few dollars more per application than most others, as you generally get what you pay for.

Fescue lawns are treated differently than bermudagrass and zoysiagrass in the fall. The Specticle is not labeled for fescue, and we don’t even apply a pre-emergent on fescue in fall, since most lawns need or have been overseeded. Late fall is the most important time of the season for fertilization of fescue, so a good, heavy dose of granular fertilizer is the mode of attack on fescue turf now. We also spot-treat any existing broadleaf weeds such as dandelions now, but with new seedlings, we are very judicious with our spraying.

In your invoice packet with this application, look for your 2015 Renewal information, with the opportunity to pre-pay for your 2016 service and save 4%. If you pay by the end of the year, our customers will also lock in pricing at the current 2015 level.

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