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When your favorite college football team takes it on the chin, as the Oklahoma Sooners did last week, and the OSU Cowboys did the week before, why not take out your frustrations by working in the lawn and landscape? Fall is a great time to add mulch to shrub beds and around trees, while hopefully easing the pain of the most recent Saturday football heartbreak.

Mulch provides several great benefits to the Oklahoma landscape:

  1. Mulch helps preserve soil moisture around shrubs, flowers, and trees, lessening the irrigation requirements and leading to healthier plants.
  2. Mulch helps moderate soil temperatures, cooling in summer heat and warming in the winter cold.
  3. Mulch helps prevent many weeds from germinating and taking over shrub beds. It does not stop all, but it does decrease significantly.
  4. Mulched beds just look better, and adds color to the landscape.

A layer of 2-4” of mulch is best in shrub beds. Mulch comes in several types, with Cedar, Cyprus, and Pine being the most popular. Bags of mulch can be purchased at local nurseries or the big box stores, and is easy to haul and spread around. If you have a truck, many local nurseries such as Sanders Nursery in Broken Arrow or Easton Sod sell mulch in bulk, which saves a little money.

With time, mulch will break down into the soil, which also helps build a more organic soil. So it should be added annually for best results, and fall is a great time to do that.

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