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Today is the day we celebrate the earth we live on. It’s an amazing place, this planet, created by God for us to live on and enjoy. Too bad we humans seem to mess it up at times, in more ways than one. From one who actually makes his living by tending to the earth, loves the outdoors, and who spent over 4 months hiking through a beautiful part of our earth on the Appalachian Trail 5 years ago, I truly do love the earth. I am very grateful to be able to enjoy and live in this beautiful part of the world in Oklahoma, and to be able to live off the bounties the earth provides.

We are proud of the contributions we make at LawnAmerica to our urban environment. Most of us live in cities, with homes, roads, parking lots, and many man-made structures. And those are all good and necessary for life in our modern world. In amongst these concrete, wood, and steel structures are islands of grass, trees, and urban landscapes. Our responsibility, which we take very seriously at LawnAmerica, is to properly care for these islands of green space in an environmentally responsible way.

A well-cared for lawn not only looks good and adds value to a home, it also provides real environmental benefits to our urban cities. A 50×50 foot lawn area (that’s pretty small actually) will supply enough oxygen generation for a family of four, while absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and other gasses. A healthy green lawn and landscaping will cool our cities, lessening the heat trapping effect of concrete. Lawns and landscapes help buffer sound pollution, trap dirt, and prevent soil erosion (which was my winning 6 th grade Science Fair project by the way).

While there are a few folks who may say what we do is bad for the earth, science and years of experience tell the true story. The products and the processes we use to provide the results of a healthy green lawn are safe and pose hardly any risk to people, pets, and the environment. We use the latest in weed-control and fertilization technology, which are proven to be safe and effective. We follow label instructions, and practice Integrated Pest Management, which basically means we only treat for weeds and pests if there is a problem that justifies that treatment. We use organic fertilizer and soil amendment components in most of our seasonal blends of fertilizer, with quality slow-release nitrogen incorporated for more efficient utilization of nitrogen. And, we have only the best, highly-trained managers applying the products in the right manner.

In honor of Earth Day, our guys at LawnAmerica are treating about 25 acres of Tulsa city parks for free this week, with a special application of pre and post-emergent weed-control and fertilization. With budget constraints, many cities such as Tulsa cannot afford to consistently care for their parks. So as we have in the past, and since it’s also National Lawn Care Month, we’re trying to help them out as best we can by helping to beautify some of our local parks.

For more information on the many benefits of home lawns, check out the following link:

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