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If so, you probably have moles, gophers, or both in your lawn. Moles and gophers always seem to be a big problem in Oklahoma lawns at this time of year. The bermudagrass is dormant, lawns are not being mowed, so the unsightly dirt piles just stay there after the moles and gophers do their digging. Gophers are larger than moles, did deeper tunnels, while bringing up larger mounds of dirt. They eat plant roots, so they can destroy gardens if left un-checked. Moles on the other hand are much smaller, eat earthworms, grubs, and other soil insects, and make shallow tunnels as they search for food in the lawn.

There are many methods that homeowners have tried over the years in controlling moles and gophers, most of them failing. We do offer a mole control program at LawnAmerica which consists of setting baits that look and smell like earthworms, a major source of food for moles. We consistently set the baits as we come out for regular lawn treatments, and provide service calls in-between treatments also. This works well sometimes, but in other cases may not be as effective, so you just never know. We can’t make the mole eat the bait, but it does help in some cases.

Applying insecticide to control grubworms is not very consistent either, so we really don’t recommend that as a control method. Spray on products containing castor oil are not very good either. Other products are just a waste of money.

The best way to control both moles and gophers in the Tulsa area is to contact our wildlife trappers we recommend on our website. Both are very good, and charge a base fee plus a bounty per animal caught. If a homeowner is persistent and has plenty of time, you can learn to trap them yourselves. But from our experience, just pay these guys and you will probably be happy!

Read our mole control page for more information.

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