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Short answer: Yes. Lawn aeration is helpful and essential for all types of turf. Different types of turf benefit from aeration at different times of the year though, so it’s important to know what type of grass you’re working with before aerating.

We are about to fire up our aerators for the summer now, they are getting tuned up in the shop right now as we get ready to begin aeration for warm season grasses such as Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. We recommend any cool season turf such as fescue or bluegrass hold of on aeration until the fall when we usually over-seed.

We recommend aerating every year to help fight soil compaction, promote the circulation of air, water, and nutrients and help break up and fight thatch that starves the roots from essential elements such as sunshine and nutrients.

Aeration works by perforating small holes in the soil and bringing those plugs to the top, distributing topsoil back to the top which also helps break down normally occurring thatch. The holes allow the sun, water, and air to get deeper into the root system, something that doesn’t happen when your lawn is suffering from compaction. This, in turn, stimulates and allows the roots of the turf to dig and grow deeper, one of the most important factors needed for healthy turf.

How to Determine If Your Lawn Needs Aerating?

Our Route Managers get this question a lot from customers, some common factors that suggest your lawn would benefit from aeration are:

  • Heavy use from kids, dogs or foot traffic.
  • If your yard was recently established as part of a newly constructed home. Often topsoil on newly constructed homes takes a few years of healthy growth and aerating to break up the soil from construction traffic.
  • Dries out quickly or has a squishy feeling to it. Often this indicates there is a thatch problem. Zoysia and Bermuda are prone to thatch developing if left unchallenged for a long period of time. We also offer a product called De-Thatch which breaks down thatch build up.

Give us a call if you have any questions or think your lawn would benefit from aeration! To contact one of our LawnAmerica locations, please visit our site.

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