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I think the heat must be taking a toll on us over here at LawnAmerica because all we can talk about lately is Christmas lights, wreaths and garland! I know you must be thinking that we’re totally off our rocker, but give me a chance to explain why.

The Christmas season is something our employees excitedly prep and train for each year. Due to the lack of lawn care work during cold winter months, many lawn care companies choose to temporarily lay off their employees from mid-November until just after the new year, but at LawnAmerica, we value our employees too much to do that. For the last 20 years, instead of a holiday season of unemployment, we’ve turned to Christmas lights to maintain a revenue stream during the cold winter months. By signing up for our Christmas Décor service, you’re helping make it possible for over 70 employees to remained employed full-time, year-round. We certainly know what we’re thankful for each year!

Many of our staff have begun their annual transformation into Christmas elves, and are busy planning beautiful Christmas Décor displays for our current smart customers on Santa’s “nice,” list. We decorate homes with LED bulbs and provide all the lights and materials, custom fitted to your home, install a digital timer so you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging them each night, service the display through Christmas and then return after the new year to take everything down and store it safely in our warehouse until the following season. Everything is included in one up-front price, making it as easy as possible. I know when it comes to the hectic, holiday season, I welcome anything that can simplify my life!

LawnAmerica doesn’t just have a strict standard for excellence in lawn care, it carries over into Christmas Décor as well as everything else we do. Our team members receive specialized safety training in the proper use of LED lights, electricity and ladders in addition to learning the proper techniques for installing the perfect Christmas display for each unique property. Our team members welcome the short break from killing weeds and love the opportunity to bring the Christmas spirit to so many of our customers and their loved ones. We love our work!

Want to join Santa’s nice list? Guarantee your spot in this popular service schedule and save some money too! For being a good sport and humoring us for talking about Christmas in July, we’re offering a 7% discount for all customers who sign up by August 31st. By taking advantage of our early-installation discount now, your personalized Christmas display is guaranteed to be installed before the Thanksgiving weekend. So rather than wasting your time, or risking life and limb to do it yourself, give the experts a call at 1-866-567-5296. We would love to decorate for you. You can give us a call, or go online to request a free estimate. Once you sign up, all you’ll need to do is tell us the color of light you prefer. It really is that simple.

Now if we could just get some Christmas cookies to go along with all of this holiday spirit…

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