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Yesterday in honor of Earth Day, LawnAmerica participated in our annual Day of Service with the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), of which we are members of. Hundreds of lawn and landscape companies across the nation participated in local service projects in their local communities to demonstrate their love of the outdoors, people, and to highlight the benefits of green spaces in our urban environments.

IMG 0342Partnering with G&G Lawn and Landscape here in Tulsa, we installed landscaping, trimmed trees, and re-sodded turf in front of Tulsa Will Rogers High School<. Rogers is a beautiful old building, recently celebrating a 75 year anniversary. I graduated from Rogers way back in the day (not 75 years ago), when it was a much different school. As many inner-city schools, it’s has had some real challenges over the years. However, the old school recently enjoyed some renovations, both in the building and in the programs for the students. So we wanted to do our part in renovating a somewhat bare landscape with new landscaping in front of the building.

IMG 0375We’ve been treating the turf area in front of Rogers for over 4 years for free. So now with the addition of some new landscaping and sod, it may just be one of the most beautiful campuses in the city of Tulsa. A healthy lawn and landscape provides tremendous benefits, such as improved air quality, reducing sound pollution, moderates air temperatures, and absorbs rain water. Studies show that enjoying trees, turf, and landscaping reduces stress and improves health of people. Some of the z
teachers, staff, and students from Rogers came out yesterday to visit and were really appreciative of what we were doing.

IMG 0421So if you’ve not celebrated Earth Day, and it’s also National Lawn Care Month now, then go plant a tree (or replace the dead trees and shrubs from our brutal winter), mow your lawn, plant flowers, and call LawnAmerica to help with the difficult chore of weed-control and fertilization

. That’s what we do, so homeowners can really enjoy their lawns, while giving back to the communities we all share

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