Fall Webworms are Here

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The fall webworm infestation in certain Oklahoma trees is here, even though it’s summer, with the first generation of pests wrapping up webs in trees. The fall webworm larva hatch from eggs deposited on tree leaves, mainly pecan, walnut, persimmon, and other fruit bearing trees. Some ornamental trees found in the landscape such as river… Read more »

Bagworm Season Coming Soon

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Now that summer is here in Oklahoma, it’s time get ready to deal with that “infamous” insect pest known as the bagworm. Bagworms will eventually be out-and-about feeding on trees and shrubs, both broadleaf and evergreen, especially on juniper and arborvitae shrubs. So, how can you beat the bagworms this year? You can initially start… Read more »

Bermudagrass Mites Out Again in Some Neighborhoods

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Bermudagrass Mite damage on a lawn. Bermudagrass Mites are becoming an ever-increasing problem in Oklahoma lawns. I’ve been caring for lawns for over 30 years in Oklahoma, and until a few years ago, mites were not that big of an issue. We don’t really know why they are increasing, but the changing weather patterns with… Read more »

How to Control Aphids in the Landscape

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Aphids are very small soft bodied insects found on many trees and shrubs in the Oklahoma landscape which can sometimes cause damage to plants. Some are wingless and others with wings, in colors from green, to red, brown, and black. Damage to plants is caused by their piercing-sucking mouthparts that piece the leaves of plants… Read more »