Christmas in July!?!?

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I think the heat must be taking a toll on us over here at LawnAmerica because all we can talk about lately is Christmas lights, wreaths and garland! I know you must be thinking that we’re totally off our rocker, but give me a chance to explain why. The Christmas season is something our employees… Read more »

Christmas Lights. Already?

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Well, it happened last night. I was driving home from eating out, and there it was. The first house brave enough to turn on their Christmas lights. And, a full week before Halloween no less! At first, I thought, it is a little early even for me, and I love Christmas. However, the more I… Read more »

Brighten Your Christmas with LED Christmas Lights

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, as the bermudagrass is still green and we’re still having to mow our lawns! Here at LawnAmerica, many of our staff have transformed into Christmas elves and busy installing Christmas lights for our customers. We’ve been installing lights for over 20 years now, and… Read more »

Only 19 Weeks till Christmas

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I can hear everyone thinking, “How in the world can you be talking about Christmas in August when our temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees!” Well, it’s pretty easy after spending several days at our annual Christmas Décor Conference last week. It was a busy time in downtown Dallas.  We were able to see the… Read more »