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As most of you know, our core service here at LawnAmerica is taking care of grass. We have always believed it’s better to do one thing great than doing ten things good. As we have grown over the last 20 years, lawn care has remained our main focus, but we have also been able to expand our expertise, so why stop at just your lawn?

We offer the same quality and expertise with some of our optional services such as mosquito control, tree and shrub care, insect control for your lawn, and bed weed control just to name a few. As spring approaches, I’m going to explain some of the other services that we offer and why you can expect the same level of expertise as you get from our core service.

Today I’d like to highlight our bed weed control program. We use a granular pre-emergent called Snapshot that prevents most grassy weeds and some broadleaf weeds from germinating but is safe for your desirable plants. We are applying Snapshot right now with our Round 1 treatment and will do the same in the fall treatment. Just like your grass, once we apply the granular treatment you’ll need to water it in to get the best results. Although it does help some with broadleafs, the main target of Snapshot is the grassy weeds like crabgrass. When weeds that pop up like dandelions, spurge or nut grass, your route manager will treat them just like those that might pop up in your yard and spray them.

Another specialty chemical that we use is called Fusilade. It is a herbicide that specifically targets the bermuda grass that starts to sneak into your beds in the summer. When you have a healthy bermuda lawn, it’s hard to keep it from creeping into your flower beds and non- specific chemicals like RoundUp can kill or damage not only the bermuda, but any nearby flowers or shrubs if you’re not careful.

Another helpful practice to help you preserve the look and health of your beds is to apply mulch regularly. Mulching is fairly inexpensive and one of the easiest ways to keep your beds healthy. Mulch helps to moderate soil temperatures and retain moisture. It also surpasses weed growth and makes it a little harder for the weeds to grow. Organic mulch also provides nutrients to your flowers and bushes as they breakdown, releasing nutrients and enriching the soil. You should be applying organic mulch every year to maintain the look and keep receiving the benefits to your beds.

All mulches should be applied 2-4 inches thick. Keep in mind that mulch tends to settle over time so apply a little more than you think you need to end up with the right thickness you want. Too thin and you won’t be getting the full benefits discussed above. The best time to apply mulch is early spring before your perennials have too much growth on them. However, you can apply mulch at anytime during the year, applying in the late fall has the added benefits to protect plants from winter damage.

Just like with lawn care, we want to educate our customers not only on what we are doing, but also other cultural practices that have to come from the homeowner. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, it’s important for your Route Manager and you to work together and communicate with each other. We will never sell you something that you don’t need or try and pull a fast one on you. We want our customers to become experts when it comes to their lawn care so we can not only work for you, but also work with you to make your life easier!

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