Happy Arbor Day

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The last Friday in April has come to be known as Arbor Day in America.  Originating in 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, J. Sterling Morton helped pave the way for an estimated million trees to be planted that year.  By the 1920’s, most states recognized Arbor Day in some form or fashion and to this… Read more »

Help, I have a bunch of baby trees!

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What’s the deal with all of the baby trees in my lawn? They look like weeds to me! Well, technically they are weeds, as a weed is merely a plant growing out of place. Homeowners expect a lawn that is 100% grass, but mother nature is always working hard to help other plants survive as… Read more »

Time to Dust Off the Mower

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Has spring finally arrived? Based on the winter coat I needed to leave the house this morning, it sure doesn’t feel like it! However, now that we’ve made it through this morning’s cold front, the forecast shows we may finally be sliding into a more spring-like pattern. We sure need it! This has been one… Read more »