Plant Tulips now for a Beautiful Spring

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Late September through October is an excellent time to plant spring-flowering bulbs such as crocus, tulips, and daffodils into your landscape beds for a colorful pop next spring. These plants need to develop roots in the fall and must meet a chilling requirement over the winter to bloom in the spring. It is important to… Read more »

Two Factors in Fescue Seeding Success

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It’s been very dry in Oklahoma for the past six weeks, making watering your lawn much more important. And if we’ve seeded fescue grass, proper watering is even more important. We’ve prepared the soil with good aeration. We’ve applied a good starter fertilizer, organic soil amendment, and this year, an insecticide to help prevent armyworms…. Read more »

Are your azaleas not as green as they used to be?

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Written by Evie Baltzer, LawnAmerica Horticulturist Are your Azaleas bright green or yellow in color? If so, you may have pH problems with the soil around your plants. You can determine if it’s a pH problem by inspecting the leaves a little more closely. If portions, or in severe cases, all of the leaves on… Read more »

Happy Labor Day

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I set out to write an inspiring blog today about the origins of Labor Day. After researching the start of Labor Day, I learned it was not all that inspiring. It is a holiday born out of strikes, clashes and even deaths in the late 1800’s. Many of the traditions associated with Labor Day came… Read more »

What happened to my yard? Armyworms?

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    UPDATE: It appears that we are well into our second generation of fall armyworms. Typically, one generation of fall armyworms can develop in about 18-28 days – depending on weather conditions. The first generation of the 2017 season showed up in north east Oklahoma in late July/early August – leaving plenty of time… Read more »