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Earlier this year we began using some new and improved mosquito control products for our Mosquito Control Program. These products, made by Syngenta, were touted to be the best in the business so naturally we wanted to give them a try. Syngenta made claims of being able to control mosquitos, along with other insects, for up to 8 weeks. It almost sounded too good to be true, but you know what, they were right. The results have been phenomenal.

Customers who have subscribed to our 4 step Mosquito Control program have reported being able to spend a lot more time outside, especially in the evening, without becoming a blood bank to mosquitos. Kids have been able to play outside more and burn off some of the energy that is pent up from not being at school. Cooking outdoors has become fun again and things like sitting on the patio and watching the sunset are options again. And in most cases this has been achieved with just two applications so far this year.

The application is really simple. We utilize a special backpack blower to apply a fine mist of a combination of Demand CS, an advanced-generation pyrethroid, and Archer IGR, an insect growth regulator, to the landscape around your home. The application is almost odorless and dries in under 30 minutes in most cases. Both of these products are super safe, even to the point of being able to be applied inside the home, although our guys will definitely stay outside.

If you are still one of those homeowners that is hiding inside each night, not enjoying your beautiful lawn, I highly recommend that you give us a call to schedule a Mosquito Control for your property. We still have time to get two more applications in this season and make a significant impact on the mosquito population in your area.

Pricing per application depends upon lawn size as follows:

  • Lawns up to 4,000’ $59
  • Lawns 4,000’ to 8,000’ $69
  • Lawns 8,000’ to 15,000’ $76
  • Lawns 15,000’ to 25,000’ $82
  • Lawns over 25,000’ Call us.

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