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Mosquitoes are easily one of the most annoying and hated insects around. Worse than simply being annoying, they unfortunately kill more people than any other species in the world. The main mosquito transmitted diseases we deal with in the USA are zika virus, west nile virus, dog heartworms (dirofilaria immitis), and encephalitis.

They buzz around seeking out victims to feast on, especially later in the evening when everyone is trying to enjoy time outdoors, in the pool or around the grill, and it seems especially unfair that mosquitoes have figured out that young children and family pets tend to be easy victims of their bites.

There are three types of mosquitoes; culex, aedes, and anopheles. All three favor different environments, but all like to hang out in the shade. They are all a nuisance, but the most aggressive and intrusive kind is the Asian tiger mosquito of the Aedes variety. Females will feed on blood for 20 hours a day in order to lay eggs. A single female can lay thousands of eggs in something as small as the cap of a soda bottle.

While not every species of mosquito is a carrier of dangerous diseases, it’s practically impossible to know if the one swarming around your head at any given moment is a carrier, which tends to leave one’s stress level high. To give yourself peace of mind in keeping your loved ones safe we recommend our Buzz Off! Mosquito Control Program to help control those annoying pests along with a variety of other insects. With LawnAmerica’s Buzz Off! Mosquito Control program your property is treated using a combination of two proven insect control products. The combination of these products safely eliminates existing mosquito populations, while interrupting a mosquito’s reproductive cycle.

This application is applied with a special backpack power blower to apply a fine mist to your shrubs, trees, lawn and around the perimeter of your home. The products are very safe and effective for not only controlling mosquitoes, but also help with fleas, ticks, spiders, and other pests.

We’re bee friendly! We train our employees to consciously protect the food sources for bees and ensure flowering plants will not be treated with our mosquito control products.

In addition to our treatments, it’s very important to follow some basic tips to help eliminate breeding habitats for mosquitoes. Simple things like keeping your gutters free of debris, removing areas where standing water can accumulate, and replacing the water in bird baths every 3-5 days will also help to lesson populations.

If you’re curious about trying out this program, don’t wait any longer because there are only about 3 weeks left for first time customers to sign up in time to ensure they receive all the treatments needed to take back your yard from those pesky insects!

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