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Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some blogs from various members of our staff. Today you will be hearing from Nathan Riddle. Nathan is one of our Route Managers serving customers in Owasso, Oklahoma. Nathan has over 14 years of experience servicing Oklahoma lawns and landscapes and is great part of our team.

Flowerbeds are a source of great pride for many homeowners. They are an important feature of the home landscape that add both aesthetic value and curb appeal. Nothing ruins the appearance of a flowerbed faster that the presence of unsightly weeds.

Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also compete for food, water, and sunlight. If left uncontrolled they can cause considerable damage.

Many people rely on back-breaking hand removal to control weeds. There is some value in this, although it is not completely effective. One reason is that weeds often break at the stem, leaving a portion of the weed to quickly return. This is especially true of bermudagrass. Hand weeding does have a place in weed control, but sometimes more is needed.

A much more effective method is the Flowerbed Weed Control program offered by LawnAmerica. We utilize a granular pre-emergent that when timed properly will help to reduce the number of broadleaf weed that pop up in late fall and early spring. We will also spot-spray any existing weeds that we can get to without damaging your ornamentals and flowers.

Bermudagrass is probably the most challenging weed to control in flowerbeds. This grass is very hearty, resilient, and does well in our lawns. However when it gets into flowerbeds it is invasive and hard to control. We use a selective herbicide to that is formulated to kill bermudagrass with no impact to any other plant.

Our Flowerbed Weed Control program is affordable, safe and effective. It is an important part of keeping your landscape looking great. This program consists of 3-4 treatments carefully scheduled to achieve optimal results.

Take back your weekends by letting the professionals at LawnAmerica keep your flowerbeds looking their best!

Fall is a great time to begin this service. Call today for a free estimate.

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