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Yesterday was a first. I actually made a wood fire in the fireplace on the back porch, and its mid-July in Oklahoma! I almost thought I was at our old cabin in the Colorado mountains sitting by the fire. Compared to many of the recent summers we’ve experienced in Oklahoma, with brutal heat and little rainfall, the summer of 2014 is turning out to be quite a godsend. So while the rain does mess up our production schedule somewhat, we’ll take the benefits that it provides.

So how does this cool, rainy weather affect lawns and landscapes in Tulsa and NE Oklahoma? Well for one, you can and should turn off your irrigation system for a while, and give it a break. That’s a good thing for your water bill, with the 2” of rainfall last week, and now a day or so of good soaking rains. These are the types of rains which really soak into the deeper layers of soil, causing the turf roots to grow deep. And that’s a good thing, so when the very top soil layer dries out later, there will still be good soil moisture deep being utilized by those deep roots.

Some people water too much, not only wasting precious water resources, but also hurting the turf. Excess soil moisture cuts off the oxygen supply in the soil, which is bad for the turf. Too much rain or irrigation leaches out soil nitrogen faster, leading to a negative impact on green turf color later on. Summer weeds such as crabgrass and nutgrass love saturated soils, so they can proliferate in wet soils. And, turf diseases such as Brown Patch can be more severe in wet periods and with over-watering.

So turn off the sprinklers and let Mother Nature do her thing! Get outdoors and enjoy the green turf, trees, and landscapes in Tulsa and NE Oklahoma this July, instead of sitting in the air conditioning trying to stay cool as we normally do during July. With the rains, bermudagrass will be growing like crazy into July, so now is a great time to try Primo, our great turfgrass growth regulator, which slows down the growth of grass by 50% for up to 6 weeks with one treatment. Our customers who have this service done several times during the summer love it, as it saves time, money, and their turf actually is greener and thicker with the Primo treatment.

Our LawnAmerica guys also love this cool summer weather. Normally, they are dog tired by 1:00 with working in 90 and 100 degree heat. Not now…..they just keep on working into the afternoons killing weeds and fertilizing grass, like the energizer bunny. So give em’ a shot on your lawn if not already doing so! They’re good, and they service more turf than anyone in Oklahoma.

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