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Yesterday that "passing shower" just kept on coming, ending up with over 2" of rain in most areas of Tulsa and NE Oklahoma. That's rare for July in Oklahoma, so I'll take it, even though it messed up our work day. Generally, Tulsa lawns require about 1.5" of water per week to look good during the summer. So when we get good, soaking rains such as this, one can turn off their irrigation system for a few days. A 2" rain will get the water down deep into the soil, where the deeper roots can pick it up. So it's OK to let the top soil surface dry out a little now. Just don't think that this rain will last you for several weeks, as it will not. We do have rain in the forecast again for next week, along with cooler temperatures. Your lawn will appreciate that, as will everyone else in Tulsa I'm sure.

Summer is a great time to aerate lawns in Oklahoma, especially now with the good soil moisture present after the soaking rains. This allows our aeration machines to pull nice, deep soil plugs, almost 3" long, with holes in the lawn about every 4" or so. That's alot of holes in the lawn, which help loosen up compacted soil and allow oxygen to reach the root system better. Yes, turf roots do need oxygen to remain healthy, and they get that from the soil. This summer, we are offering our Holganix liquid organic soil ammendment applied at 50% off, if done at the same time as aeration. Contact LawnAmerica for more informaition.

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