What’s in a Seed Label?

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Now that fall is in sight, it’s time to be thinking and scheduling your fall fescue overseeding. Tall Fescue is a cool-season grass, that will grow in semi-shade areas where bermudagrass and zoysiagrass will not do well. It stays green pretty much all season, so some folks like to have it in full sun also,… Read more »

Plant your Fall Garden Soon

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Summer is winding down, with fall right around the corner. So now is a good time to think about planting a fall garden. Crops that can be planted now include lettuce, radishes, carrots, peas, spinach, and similar crops. There still is time to raise another crop of green beans along with some summer squash. And… Read more »

Lookout for the Fall Armyworm

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Over the last few days we have started getting a few calls from customers with Fall Armyworms eating away at their turf.  While the cases we have seen are isolated so far, we are keeping an eye out for more.  So with that in mind we wanted to reshare a blog post from a couple of… Read more »

Should I Overseed My Fescue?

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Every year around this time, we start see little glimmers of fall on the horizon.  You start to notice mornings being a little bit cooler or the sight of kids in their new clothes waiting on the school bus each morning.  Football begins to take over weekend schedules and inevitably the question about whether I… Read more »

Only 19 Weeks till Christmas

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I can hear everyone thinking, “How in the world can you be talking about Christmas in August when our temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees!” Well, it’s pretty easy after spending several days at our annual Christmas Décor Conference last week. It was a busy time in downtown Dallas.  We were able to see the… Read more »