The Dallisgrass Problem

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Dallisgrass clumps in bermudagrass Dallisgrass is one of the most troubling and challenging weeds now in Oklahoma. It’s a perennial grassy weed, often grows in clumps, with big broad leaves. If allowed to grow to produce seedheads, without timely mowing, it produces tall gangly looking seedheads with spiklets shooting out at the ends. Dallisgrass has… Read more »

Dead Heading Flowers

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Deadheading sounds like something related to our presidential election choices or something, but is actually an important process of caring for annual and perennial flowers in Oklahoma landscapes. Deadheading is the removal of spent flowers that have finished putting on their show so that more flowers can then be produced. It refreshes a plant’s appearance,… Read more »

Dog On It!

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Walking across a bermudagrass lawn recently, I noticed these small burned looking or brown areas in the turf, surrounded by a dark green halo. Many may think this is some type of turf disease, such as Spring Dead Spot. Or some may think that fertilizer or something was spilled in the spot. It is actually… Read more »

Bagworm Season Coming Soon

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Now that summer is here in Oklahoma, it’s time get ready to deal with that “infamous” insect pest known as the bagworm. Bagworms will eventually be out-and-about feeding on trees and shrubs, both broadleaf and evergreen, especially on juniper and arborvitae shrubs. So, how can you beat the bagworms this year? You can initially start… Read more »