Invasion of the Purple Flowers

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A sure sign that spring is here are the lawns that suddenly turn purple with an explosion of purple flowers in their lawn. This weed is a winter annual weed named Henbit, a member of the mint family. If you rub it in your fingers, you’ll notice the stems are square and with a minty… Read more »

Prepare Ornamental Grasses Now for Spring

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Ornamental grasses are becoming more popular in home and business landscapes every year, and we are right there also as big fans of them. They are very well-adapted to Oklahoma weather and soil conditions, very low maintenance, and provide a beautiful contrast to shrubs, trees, and lawns. Some of our favorite varieties are Fountain Grass,… Read more »

Combat Insect Scale Problems Now

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Don’t let those little white or brown specks on your shrubs and trees fool you, as they are actually insects called scale, and, if left uncontrolled, they can damage or even kill certain shrubs and trees. Plants such as Euonymus, Juniper, Crepe Myrtle, Maples, and others are susceptible to scale problems, with damage caused by… Read more »

Lawn and Landscape Irrigation During the Winter

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Many homeowners mistakenly believe that during the winter, they can just turn off the sprinkler system or not worry about irritation. While many plants have lost their vegetation, gone dormant, or are not growing, they are still alive, and need soil moisture in order to stay alive. And after a very wet December in Oklahoma,… Read more »