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Maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the summer can be challenging. Every summer brings its own unique challenges and it’s more than just hiring a lawn care company and keeping up with the mowing schedule. Here are 10 tips to make sure you are giving your lawn everything that it needs.

1) Mowing

As I mentioned in our last blog, only take 1/3 off the leaf blade each time you mow. Make sure your blades are sharpened and equipment is in good running condition before the mowing season begins each year. Alternate your mowing pattern each time so you aren’t creating any ruts or unnecessary compaction.

2) Watering

Adjust your watering to early morning, usually anytime between 4am-9am. If you water during the day, you might be losing some of the moisture to the sun while watering at night can cause issues with turf disease when water sits on the grass throughout the night. Make sure to adjust your sprinkler schedule if we get a substantial amount of rainfall, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen sprinklers running in the rain.

3) Fertilizing

Shakespeare once said, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” Even though he probably wasn’t talking about fertilizing his lawn, the shoe still fits. Although it might be tempting to go out and buy extra fertilizer in-between LawnAmerica treatments, it ends up hurting the turf in the long term. Adding extra fertilizer to your lawn is similar to someone using steroids. It might look good in the short run, but you’re going to have problems in the long run. Just say NO to over fertilization.

4) Weed Control

Get them early and often! Weeds are much easier to control if you get to them before they get out of control. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. The best possible approach is to always apply a…

5) Pre-emergent

If I had to pick only 1 out of these 10 tips to be the most important, this one would be the winner. A well-timed spring pre-emergent application and a second one in the fall is the most important step you can take to ensure a healthy lawn.

6) Dead Spots

If your lawn is dealing with dead spots, hopefully, you’ve identified and fixed the problem. Spring dead spot, brown patch and dollar spot are common issues that sometimes leave dead grass right in the middle of your pretty lawn. A helpful way to speed the process along is to rake out the dead grass and sprinkle about an inch of topsoil on the dead patch. This helps stimulate and clear room for the patch to fill in and match the rest of your lawn!

7) Pest Control

On top of all these issues, homeowners also have to worry about pests becoming a nuisance around the house. Even though insects can be a problem when they get into your house, they can also be a problem in your lawn. Moles and gophers can tunnel under your yard leaving unsightly tunnels, grub worms munch on the root system and armyworms can turn your yard into a dirt patch overnight. Don’t forget the lovely mosquito either, something LawnAmerica can help treat along with all of these other pests that can damage your lawn.

8) Soil Tests

It’s a good practice to get your soil tested regularly, especially if you are having reoccurring problems with weeds, thickness or any other lawn issue. Sometimes if your pH gets either too high or too low from the ideal 6.5 range, you will need to apply a soil amendment to either bring it up or down back into range for a healthy lawn.

9) Aerating

An often overlooked task to help your lawn stay healthy is summer aeration. It helps fight compaction and thatch. It’s recommended that you aerate your summer turf once a year. If you’re interested in scheduling yours, just…

10) Call the Pros!

Who wants to worry about all of this stuff instead of enjoying their summer? Let LawnAmerica handle all of the heavy lifting so you can have more time to do the things you want to do!

To contact one of our LawnAmerica locations, please visit our site.

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