Spring Has Finally Sprung!


It's so nice to be done with the snow! :lol: It affected just about every business, and especially Tulsa lawncare companies such as LawnAmerica. We had to wait for the snow to finally melt off the lawns before we could do any work. Therefore, we lost almost three weeks to production. Our staff did keep very busy at times with snow removal, but we'd rather be spraying lawns quite frankly.

We have a challenge now to get caught up. But with our great staff, and with a little help from Mother Nature (we're due some good weather), we should be just fine. Our Step 1 Early Spring Weed-Control needs to be applied anytime in early spring before crabgrass germinates. In the Tulsa area, crabgrass usually germinates from the very end of March on into April. So we do have time to apply the pre-emergent and have success. Crabgrass does continue to germinate on into summer, but the first flush of weeds will germinate during that early April time period.

With Barricade Pre-emergent, applied at the full rate that we use at LawnAmerica, you'll have up to nine months of good control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. While Barricade is a great product, it will not stop all weeds from germinating. It does have some action on summer annual broadleaf weeds, but not much. Those just have to be sprayed with a post-emergent once they come up later in spring or summer. Perennial weeds such as Dallisgrass will not be controlled with a pre-emergent. And, that old nemesis Nutgrass, will just laugh at pre-emergents such as Barricade.

Nutgrass can be effectively controlled however with a fairly new product named Dismiss. If applied in mid to late spring, it not only prevents nutgrass from germinating, but will also kill any existing nutgrass plants. With our very best program--our 7-Step Showcase Care Program, we apply a product named Echelon, which contains both Dismiss, and a light rate of Barricade for even better crabgrass control. This is applied as a spray application in between the normal steps 2 and 3, which puts it in the early May to mid-June time period. With this program, treatments will be about every three weeks during this critical late spring to early summer period, rather than the typical 6-week cycle. We have found that our customers who subscribe to our 7-Step Showcase Care Program experience much better weed-control in their lawns, especially with nutgrass, crabgrass, and even broadleaf weeds.

It's going to be more of a challenge to control crabgrass now after it has germinated, since our standard product for controlling crabgrass, MSMA, has been taken off the market. It's another example of a good and reliable product being taken away by the E.P.A. for mainly political reasons, and not science. It's been used for 50 years, with no proven data showing problems or undue risk. So, we now are forced to use other products, which are more expensive and not as effective. That's all the more reason to do a great job of preventing crabgrass from even germinating with great pre-emergent treatments.

We're excited about 2011 at LawnAmerica--especially now that the snow is gone and we can get back to work! We love what we do, and look forward to pleasing even more customers with Northeast Oklahoma lawncare this year.

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