Bermudagrass…..the Preferred Turf for Oklahoma

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Bermudagrass, or Cynodon dactylon as my college professor would call it, is the most common turf type in Oklahoma lawns. Bermudagrass is warm-season, sun-loving grass, drought tolerant, wear tolerant, and fairly easy to grow. It’s usually established by sodding, laying rolls of existing turf on bare soil, to establish a lawn quickly. Certain varieties can… Read more »

Green Bermudagrass Coming On Strong

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  Chalk it up to El Nino, global warming, or just a fluke, but after such a warm winter and early spring, our bemudagrass in Tulsa and Oklahoma City is really greening up fast. Look at the bermudagrass pics above, and see how much greener the turf is after just one week. This is the… Read more »