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LawnAmerica: Who We Are

We care more. We serve more. We do more.

Founded in 1999, LawnAmerica has been a trusted source for lawn care and customer service ever since. Led by Owner and CEO Brad Johnson, LawnAmerica continues to thrive and grow year after year. Our CEO brings over 25 years of total lawn care experience to our company!

Experience the LawnAmerica difference by calling (888) 250-2313! The Team at LawnAmerica

As a leading lawn care service company, we proudly employ more than 50 hard-working individuals, some of whom are among the highest trained individuals in the lawn care industry. We take exceptional pride in being a highly selective company and we specifically choose who we decide to bring aboard our team. All of our employees are hand-selected based on their demonstration of values that align with our core values.

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At LawnAmerica, we value loyalty, and we believe that this characteristic must start within our own company. In fact, our employee retention has averaged at about 86% over the course of several years. This means our customers are served well by experienced lawn care professionals who truly care about what we are doing. Passionate employees serving on the front lines makes the difference, and this is what separates LawnAmerica from other companies. Not only do we care about our own employees, but we care about our customers – and this comes across in everything that we do.

Beautifying Our Local Neighborhoods Since 1999

We Care More, Guaranteed

At LawnAmerica, we believe our clients are worth our best efforts. Our customers are worth our best lawn care practices. Our customers are worth the best products available in the lawn care industry. Because they are deserving of the best, we come to work every day with only the highest standards.

As a testament to our higher standards, superior services, and exceptional results, we have earned professional recognition:

  • Named Tulsa's BEST Lawn Care Company by Oklahoma Magazine and GTR Newspapers
  • Received the Super Service Award by Angie's List
  • Recognized members of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)
  • Landscape Industry Certified Managers

We wouldn't be able to serve our customers if we did not stay active within the community. Giving back and helping people in need in our local communities is part of why LawnAmerica exists. We strive to give back 3% of our gross revenues to non-profits, schools, churches, and other organizations that are devoted to helping people in need. At LawnAmerica, every 3 cents of every dollar you spend with us will go back to the community – and ultimately, back to the world to help people in need.

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At LawnAmerica, we care more. Our lawn care specialists care more about giving back. We care more about serving our customers. We care more about the community. We care more about the well-being of our own employees.

Interested in learning more about LawnAmerica?

We truly care about making a difference and we believe we can start by making our neighborhoods more beautiful with every project we complete. Our lawn service company proudly serves various communities throughout the state, including Tulsa, Edmond, and Oklahoma City. Oklahoma License – C4464.

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