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Who's Ready for Spring?

Who's Ready for Spring?

Posted By LawnAmerica, Inc. || 3-Mar-2015

We are! The past two weeks have been very challenging when you are trying to care for lawns. One can’t really do much when there is a lot of snow on the ground and/or sub-freezing temperatures. Pumps don’t work when the liquid weed-control freezes, so we’re ready for some warmer weather to get our work done. And everyone is ready for a little sunshine and warmer days so we can all get outside more.

There is still plenty of time to apply our spring pre-emergent weed-control, as crabgrass won’t germinate until the 4” soil temperature stays at 56 degrees for four consecutive nights. We are a long way from that as most soils are frozen now! So as the weather warms, don’t let folks or other companies try to tell you that unless the pre-emergent is applied by mid-March that it’s too late, as that is just not true. We will have all of our customers serviced with their Round 1 by late March, which provides great crabgrass control for up to 7 months.

As a 30-year business owner in the lawn care business, I get a little annoyed and disappointed when younger competitors do things that are not right, and even unethical. I’m seeing more and more companies doing what they’ve learned from the big corporate guys, with breaking up the spring pre-emergent into two treatments, at half rates of pre-emergent, and billing their customers twice then. It’s all about cash flow for them and giving a cheap price, rather than doing what’s right for the customer and for the lawn. With LawnAmerica, we apply with a full rate, one treatment in early spring. That’s all you need, so that in our Round 2 we can then apply slow-release fertilizer, which is what the lawn needs then. The lawn is green and growing then, allowing us to come in during Round 3 a short 4-5 weeks later for our blanket treatment of Echelon Herbicide before going back to granular fertilizer treatments during summer.

So we’re ready for some green grass here at LawnAmerica, so that we can do our magic on the lawns. Let’s hope this coming snow is the last one and spring comes on strong after that. Give us a call if you have questions or need professional lawn care.

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