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  • Are you spending enough time outside?

    || 28-Jul-2015

    Are you spending enough time outside? Earlier this year we began using some new and improved mosquito control products for our Mosquito Control Program. These products, made by Syngenta, were touted to be the best in the business so naturally we wanted to give them a try. Syngenta made claims of being able to control mosquitos, along with other insects, for up to 8 weeks. It almost sounded too good to be true, but you know what, they ...
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  • The True Price of a Beautiful Lawn

    || 22-Jul-2015

    The True Price of a Beautiful Lawn Guest Commentary by Jake Johnson, son of LawnAmerica owner Brad Johnson I’m only about two months into my lawn care career now, after leaving the Marine Corps two months ago after six years serving in 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment. Two months is long enough to be able to experience some customers complaining about the price of their services and being chewed out by an unforgiving ...
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  • Renewal & Remembrance

    || 21-Jul-2015

    Renewal & Remembrance Being a good steward of what we have been blessed with is foundational to our existence as a company at LawnAmerica. Giving back to our community, and our nation, is not something that we do for publicity, but rather because it is the right thing to do. We had an opportunity this week to give back to our nation through the Renewal & Remembrance Event at the Arlington National Cemetery. This ...
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  • It's Hot, but Don't Neglect Your Trees and Shrubs

    || 17-Jul-2015

    It's Hot, but Don't Neglect Your Trees and Shrubs Hey I know it’s hot outside, and you probably are not spending much time out enjoying your landscape. However, summer insect problems can sneak in quickly, and if not taken care of promptly, can wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs. I inspected my Crepe Myrtles recently, and discovered aphids on the underneath side of the leaves, which are fairly common on these shrubs in the Tulsa and ...
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  • The Heat is On

    || 15-Jul-2015

    The Heat is On Now this is Oklahoma weather! Heat indexes are up past 100 degrees every week now with the heat and humidity, with a lot of soil moisture from the spring rains evaporating into the air to make it even more humid. Normally by mid-July, things are pretty brown around Tulsa and in Oklahoma from summer heat and a lack of rainfall, but not this season. I’ve never seen the landscape so green as it ...
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  • Fall Webworms Invading Oklahoma Trees

    || 13-Jul-2015

    Webworms Invading Oklahoma Trees The annual outbreak of fall webworms is now occurring in the Oklahoma area, and appears to be more severe compared to the previous few years. This is probably due to the increased rain and denser foliage on trees. Webs can be seen in many ornamental trees, especially in pecan, hickory, persimmon, sweetgum, willow, redbud, oaks, and in many fruit trees. The webs are formed from masses of small ...
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  • Summer Rains Continue to Cause Turf Disease

    || 10-Jul-2015

    Summer Rains Continue to Cause Turf Disease We are now about 14” above normal for rainfall in much of Oklahoma, even more in some areas. And most of that rain has come over the past few months, at a time with the temperatures are warm to hot. This is the perfect recipe for turf diseases, such as Brown Patch, to develop in Oklahoma lawns. There are three things that must be present for turf disease to occur…..a sussceptable ...
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  • Tired of Mowing your lawn? Try Primo!

    || 8-Jul-2015

    Tired of Mowing your lawn? Try Primo! With the rains and now hot weather, your bermudagrass especially may be growing like crazy now. Primo is a great product that has been around for about 20 years now. When applied to turf, it will slow down the growth of the turf by about 50% over a 5-6 week period. The turf more or less grows horizontally more than vertically, giving it a thicker appearance also. Other benefits include stronger ...
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  • Spring Rains Bring on Dollar Spot Turf Disease

    || 6-Jul-2015

    Spring Rains Bring on Dollar Spot Turf Disease With all the May and June rains, it's the perfect conditions for a for a troublesome turf disease we really don't see much in Oklahoma, Dollar Spot. Symptoms appear as small brown or dead-looking spots about the size of a silver dollar, usually in bermudagrass. Some spots can merge together to form large brown irregular patches in the turf. It is often a summertime disease that shows up in ...
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  • LawnAmerica, Inc. vs. Trugreen

    || 25-Jun-2015

    So What's the Difference Between LawnAmerica and Trugreen? So What’s the Difference between LawnAmerica and Trugreen? I was out in the field with two of our Route Mangers in Bartlesville on Wednesday helping to do some lawn treatments and checking on how things were going. There happened to be a Trugreen truck running around in the same neighborhood treating some lawns, one of which was right next door to one we had just treated. In the markets we ...
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  • Proper Mowing After Rainy Periods

    || 22-Jun-2015

    Proper Mowing After Rainy Periods Proper Mowing After Rainy Periods After the second rainiest spring in Oklahoma history, it’s been difficult to keep up with the mowing schedule on Tulsa area lawns. And, bermudagrass and zoysiagrass lawns will be exploding in growth soon with the hot temperatures, good soil moisture, and assuming that our LawnAmerica fertilizer is in the soil doing its job! The general rule of thumb is to ...
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  • Our Old Friend the Bermudagrass Mite is Back.

    || 11-Jun-2015

    Our Old Friend the Bermudagrass Mite is Back. During the past few summers, we’ve had in influx of bermudagrass mite infestations in some lawns in the Oklahoma area. I’ve been caring for turf for 30 years in Oklahoma, and until recently, mites have not been that big of an issue. For some reason though, they seem to be getting worse. The damage is typically worse under drought conditions when the turf is under stress, as has been ...
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  • Where Were You 17 Years Ago?

    || 9-Jun-2015

    Where Were You 17 Years Ago? 17 years ago we were just getting started as LawnAmerica. At the same time, millions of 17-year cicadas had just hatched that spring, the males flew around singing their music to attract a female, leading eventually to this new generation of periodical cicadas coming out soon in Oklahoma. Unlike the annual cicadas, which hatch out every summer, periodical cicadas have mainly 13 or 17 year life ...
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  • Now That's a Big Weed!

    || 2-Jun-2015

    Now That's a Big Weed! One of the challenges that this record-setting rainfall during May has been being able to even mow your lawn in all the mud. And with all of the rain, weed-control has been a challenge. With the excessive soil moisture, we fully expect weeds to be somewhat of a challenge this summer. It’s a combination the turf not being real thick and healthy due to saturated soil, many weeds loving the wet ...
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  • Rain, Rain, Go Away!

    || 29-May-2015

    Rain, Rain, Go Away! What a difference a year makes, or even a month! After years of dealing with drought, now we are wrapping up the wettest month ever for rainfall in Oklahoma. So while it’s good that the subsoil now has moisture, the ponds and lakes are full, and we can save money on our water bills, there are also negative effects of excessive rainfall on plants and turf in the landscape. As with most ...
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  • Rainy Weather Brings on Mushrooms

    || 26-May-2015

    Rainy Weather Brings on Mushrooms With all the rainy weather in Oklahoma this May, we are seeing more turf disease, more weeds, and even mushrooms sprout up in lawns. These mushrooms are interesting, but don’t usually harm turf or plants. Most mushrooms are mycorrhizal (symbiotic association with tree roots) or saprophytic (live on dead organic matter such as wood, etc.) in the soil. When it is warm and very moist as the ...
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  • Today We Honor

    || 25-May-2015

    Today We Honor As a nation we take today to honor the sacrifice of countless men and women that have bravely given their lives to protect this country and the freedom that America represents. Today is much more than a Federal holiday. It is a day to remember the soldiers that sacrificed everything. It is a day to decorate graves of the fallen with flags and flowers as a symbol of respect. It is a day to remember ...
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  • 14,000 Customers and Growing!

    || 19-May-2015

    14,000 Customers and Growing! It seems that just yesterday, we had surpassed the 13,000 customer mark back in early March. Now that we are finishing up the big spring influx of new lawn care customers, we’ve grown even more with over 14,000 customers now at LawnAmerica. For that we are very thankful. Most new customers start in the spring, when weeds are sprouting and lawns turning green. Although early spring is a great ...
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  • How Does Rainfall Affect Lawn Treatments?

    || 15-May-2015

    How Does Rainfall Affect Lawn Treatments? Now that we are out of the long-term drought in Oklahoma, some areas have been inundated with up to 11” of rain over the past 11 days. Most lawn treatments we provide at LawnAmerica consist of a pre-emergent herbicide and/or a fertilizer, usually granular. These need to be watered into the soil within a few days with about ½” of moisture in order to be effective, so rainfall ...
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  • Where Did All These Weeds Come From?

    || 13-May-2015

    Where Did All These Weeds Come From? With the rains and saturated soils, the weeds have come into lawns and landscapes in full force. Yes, the turf loves the rainfall, but so do many weeds, such as nutgrass and summer annual weeds. Generally, a thick and healthy turf will help prevent many weeds from germinating, but not all. Pre-emergent herbicides also help with crabgrass and grassy weeds, but are not as good with broadleaf weeds. ...
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  • A Clean Radar Finally!

    || 11-May-2015

    A Clean Radar Finally! After a week of what seems like constant rain, it’s so nice to see a clean radar in Oklahoma finally. I had over 8” of rain at our farm southeast of Tulsa this past week, so the lawn is soggy, the pond overflowing, yet things are so green and lush. I do believe we are officially out of the long-term drought we’ve experienced for the past many years, which is good news. But with ...
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  • Large Patch Alert

    || 6-May-2015

    Figure 1 Conditions are so ripe for Large Patch that even this bermudagrass has it. The rains are nice, but with the mild temperatures, conditions are very favorable or turf disease, such as Large Patch, or Zoysiapatch as it is sometimes called. This disease mainly occurs in zoysiagrass, but under certain conditions, some varieties of bermudagrass can also get this disease. Wet and rainy weather, with mild temperatures are prime conditions for this, and that’s what ...
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  • Fertilizing is Not Feeding

    || 30-Apr-2015

    Fertilizing is Not Feeding Most homeowners in the Oklahoma area have bermudagrass lawns, which by now have come out of winter dormancy, greened-up, and are well on their way to growing so that mowing is necessary every week or so. You don’t need to “feed” your grass however to have it looking great, as most homeowners believe. Grass, like all green plants, are unique in that they can make their own ...
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  • Take Back your Backyard!

    || 27-Apr-2015

    Take Back your Backyard! The spring rains have been nice, and it’s great to finally have a season with rainfall at normal or even above average in our area for the first time in many years. But with the rainfall comes the likelihood of other issues, such as a larger mosquito population this summer. Mosquitoes can be a harmful pest in the landscape, with increasing issues with West Nile Virus in particular. So our ...
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  • Every Day is Earth Day at LawnAmerica!

    || 22-Apr-2015

    Every Day is Earth Day at LawnAmerica! Today is the day we celebrate the earth we live on. It’s an amazing place, this planet, created by God for us to live on and enjoy. Too bad we humans seem to mess it up at times, in more ways than one. From one who actually makes his living by tending to the earth, loves the outdoors, and who spent over 4 months hiking through a beautiful part of our earth on the Appalachian Trail 5 years ...
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