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  • The Forsythia are Blooming, so Crabgrass is Coming Soon

    || 27-Mar-2015

    The Forsythia are Blooming, so Crabgrass is Coming Soon Forsythia are somewhat common shrubs that are a little old school, found mainly in older landscapes. They are deciduous, shedding their leaves during the winter, and sprouting bright yellow flowering blooms with the onset of Spring. Forsythia has always been a good indicator as to when crabgrass germination is near. The lawn care folk lore says that when the yellow blooms of forsythia are at their ...
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  • What are those Big Green Clumps in my Lawn?

    || 25-Mar-2015

    What are those Big Green Clumps in my Lawn? Some people call it watergrass, some call it crabgrass, but every spring these weeds seem to invade lawns in our area. As the weather warms in March especially, these large green clumps of weeds stick out like a sore thumb in brown, dormant bermudagrass. They are actually fescue clumps, which have germinated into the bermudagrass turf and are green and growing now. Fescue is a cool-season grass, ...
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  • Aren't Those Purple Flowers Pretty!

    || 23-Mar-2015

    Aren't Those Purple Flowers Pretty! As my wife and I drove to church yesterday, she exclaimed, “Wow aren’t those pretty purple flowers” as we drove past some farmland exploding with purple from thousands of purple flowers. I laughed and told her that those are weeds…..Henbit, which comes up every March in untreated home lawns. In this case, the farmer had not planted anything, and Henbit had overtaken his ...
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  • 13,000 Customers Served!

    || 19-Mar-2015

    We've Served 13,000 Customers! As of yesterday, we shot through the 13,000 customer mark at LawnAmerica. We are thrilled to be able to serve more homeowners and businesses with their lawn care needs than anyone in the state of Oklahoma. And now, we are helping folks in Charlotte and Asheville North Carolina, and in the Greenville/Spartanburg area in South Carolina, along with being down the road in Oklahoma City. For all of ...
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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    || 17-Mar-2015

    Happy St. Patrick's Day from Lawn America! There really is gold in your grass! Not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but every day your lawn and landsacpe is healthy can add value to your home and our community. According to Smart Money Magazine, a nice lawn and landscape added up to 11.3% to the value of a home. Money Magazine states that: “attractively landscaping your yard can be one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your ...
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  • It's About People, Process, and Product

    || 14-Mar-2015

    One of my favorite shows on television, other than sports, is The Profit on CNBC. Marcus Lemonis takes faltering businesses, buys a majority stake in the business, and attempts to turn them around and make the successful. He’s the real deal, he tells it like it is, and has a big heart. Most of the businesses he buys into, after he implements his changes and principles, take off and thrive, ...
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  • Caring for Maple Trees

    || 10-Mar-2015

    Red and Yellow Maple trees can be a nice addition to the landscape. Compared to the old Silver Maples used years ago, these have much better truck and branch structure while providing beautiful fall colors of red, orange, and yellow. Maples grow fairly quickly, and don’t become so large that they can outgrow a landscape and turn into a hazard. Two common problems we see in Maples are ...
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  • Who's Ready for Spring?

    || 3-Mar-2015

    We are! The past two weeks have been very challenging when you are trying to care for lawns. One can’t really do much when there is a lot of snow on the ground and/or sub-freezing temperatures. Pumps don’t work when the liquid weed-control freezes, so we’re ready for some warmer weather to get our work done. And everyone is ready for a little sunshine and warmer days so we can ...
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  • Does Your Lawn Look Like a Battlefield?

    || 26-Feb-2015

    If so, you probably have moles, gophers, or both in your lawn. Moles and gophers always seem to be a big problem in Oklahoma lawns at this time of year. The bermudagrass is dormant, lawns are not being mowed, so the unsightly dirt piles just stay there after the moles and gophers do their digging. Gophers are larger than moles, did deeper tunnels, while bringing up larger mounds of dirt. They eat ...
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  • We'll Take the Snow

    || 17-Feb-2015

    We finally have some moisture in Oklahoma, in the form of snow and ice. Hey, we’ll take it in any form with it being so dry now. It wasn’t much, so let’s hope for some good, soaking rains soon. We were able to fire up the snow plows and use some of the truckload of ice melt we have in the warehouse at LawnAmerica though. Some of our trucks are equipped with the capability of ...
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  • Another Year of Drought?

    || 11-Feb-2015

    Last year at this time of the season, we were experiencing the driest January and February on record in the Tulsa area. Well, here we go again. 2015 is starting off as another year of drought it appears. We are currently in the D1 moderate drought category. But go west and it gradually deepens to extreme and even exceptional drought, and it is gradually moving this way. We’ve really been in ...
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  • Pruning Crepe Myrtles

    || 10-Feb-2015

    Benefits of Pruning Crepe Myrtles The practice of chopping off the tops of crepe myrtles over the winter has become very common in Oklahoma. We sometimes call it Crepe Murder at LawnAmerica, as it really hurts the look and health of the plant over time. Many folks believe this is necessary to promote flowering, but that is not necessarily the case. More often than not, it’s something that some commercial maintenance ...
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  • Why Do They Do That?

    || 6-Feb-2015

    A great-looking lawn starts now with early spring pre-emergent applied With such great weather in Oklahoma this February, we are making good headway with our customer’s R1 Early Spring Weed-Control Treatments at LawnAmerica. This weed treatment really sets the stage for a more weed-free lawn this year by preventing crabgrass and other summer annual weeds from germinating. We do not use the blue turf dye in our liquid treatments as some companies do, but rather ...
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  • Where's Winter

    || 26-Jan-2015

    It’s the final week of January, and we are in the midst of a beautiful stretch of winter weather in Oklahoma. After a very cloudy, dreary December, it’s nice to see the sun. It feels like spring is just around the corner, but don’t let that fool you, as we do like in Oklahoma. I suspect we’ll still see a snowfall or two at some point. We are still in a long-term drought in ...
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  • Starting 2015

    || 22-Jan-2015

    2015 will be the 17th year for LawnAmerica caring for lawns in Tulsa, Northeast Oklahoma, and now the Oklahoma City area. We care for more homeowners and their lawns than anyone in the entire state of Oklahoma, almost 13,000 customers and growing. For that, I am very grateful. We’ve grown not because I’m such a smart marketer, or by throwing a lot of money into advertising, but rather ...
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  • NEW LawnAmerica Mosquito Control

    || 15-Jan-2015

    If mosquitoes are a problem in your yard, consider our new Mosquito Control Program. This consists of a mist spray of control products applied around the outside of your home and landscape every 4 weeks for best results. We use two types of products with our service: Treatment with Permethrin, a widely used and safe synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide that acts in a manner similar to the natural ...
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  • The best defense against weeds is always a thick, healthy, well-fertilized turf. However, even the best of turf will be invaded by weeds, so weed-control will be needed for a weed-free turf that homeowners desire. We try not to use the term “weed-free” at LawnAmerica, because it’s almost impossible to provide a turf that never has weeds, even under the best of circumstances. We ...
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  • Fertilize Trees and Shrubs Now

    || 23-Dec-2014

    As winter sets in, it’s a nice break from chores in the lawn and landscape. Hopefully you’ve put your mower to bed, the leaves are up, and you are enjoying some time sitting by the fire inside. One task that is very important at this time of year however is providing good soil fertility for your trees and shrubs in the landscape. The best time to fertilize according to Oklahoma State ...
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  • Southwest Winter Injury on Trees

    || 12-Dec-2014

    Maple trees are a popular tree planted in many Tulsa lawns and landscpapes over the past many years. Red and Yellow Maple trees grow farily fast, with a strong central truck, nice round canopy, and with beautiful fall foliage. Unlike the old Silver Maples, they have a single trunk and deeper roots that are not right on the surface. But they do have thin bark, especially when they are less than ten ...
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  • Wrapping Up 2014!

    || 11-Nov-2014

    What a beautiful fall we’ve had in Oklahoma! For that matter, we’ve had a pretty good year overall with the weather for us who are responsible for growing grass and caring for lawns and landscapes in Tulsa. I recently spoke to the O.S.U. Master Gardeners class about lawn care in Tulsa, and told them that we are basically urban farmers, with grass as our crop. And just as farmers are ...
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  • Is Grassology the Miracle Grass?

    || 5-Nov-2014

    There’s a sucker born every minute. Have you seen the latest TV infomercial on Grassology, the miracle grass? Bob Villa is recommending it, so it must be great…..right? It is also showing up in some of the box stores, including Wal Mart. Here is the link to the TV spot so you can see their claims: They claim this miracle seed provides a turf that is thick and ...
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  • Fall Lawncare Tips

    || 17-Sep-2014

    Fall is a great time to be outside in the lawn in Oklahoma, with the cooler temperatures, bright blue skies, and changing fall colors. Lawncare changes in the fall, from fertilization to weed-control, at least for bermudagrass and zoysiagrass lawns. We are done fertilizing warm-season turf such as bermudagrass, as it is shutting down and preparing for winter dormancy. It is a good idea to raise ...
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  • It's More than Just Chicken

    || 9-Sep-2014

    Truett Cathy, the founder and President of Chick-fil-A, died yesterday in Atlanta at age 93. One may think what the significance of a business owner who sells chicken have to do with lawn care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so allow me to explain. 20 years ago, as a still wet-behind-the-ears 39 year old business owner of 10 years, I wrote a letter to Mr. Cathy telling him of my admiration for him and the way ...
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  • "When is the best time to seed?"

    || 9-Sep-2014

    If there is one question that we get asked a lot during the course of the year, it is “When is the best time to seed Fescue?” The answer to that question is right now, if not sooner. The Autumn season is the best time of year to establish or over-seed a Fescue turf for several reasons. Fescue prefers the cooler temperatures that Fall provides. It is warm in the day to help with ...
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  • Mosquito Control Now Available!

    || 3-Sep-2014

    The rains this early summer have been nice for lawns in Tulsa and NE Oklahoma. But with the water comes increased mosquito activity. There are things homeowners can do to help control mosquitoes, and we have a new service at LawnAmerica which can help with control also. The key word is control. We can’t eradicate them, but we can cut back on the numbers of pests with our service. We are ...
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