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Lawn Decal 1We are currently applying our Round 6 Fall Fertilization to lawns.  This consists of a granular fertilizer to bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, and either an organic fertilizer or a liquid organic soil amendment applied to fescue turf.  Any existing weeds are sprayed with a liquid post-emergent herbicide on a spot-treatment basis.  In most cases, very few weeds are present, so fertilization is the main importance of this treatment.  This is the final fertilzation of the season for warm-season turf.  As we get into early October, turf growth slows down, so it's best not to over-fertilize with nitrogen, since the turfgrass is preparing for winter dormancy.  Research and turf scientists agree that applying too much nitrogen in fall in attempts to make the turf extra green can be harmful to lawns, especially by causing more Spring Dead Spot to occur the following spring.  So at LawnAmerica, we try to wind up our fall fertilizations a little earlier in the fall than most, and allow the bermudagrass to naturally harden off and prepare for dormancy. 

The fertilizer needs to be watered into the soil within a few days of treatment for best results.  During summer and fall, water requirements for turf are higher, so irrigating every 3 days or so is needed anyway for a healthy turf.  Mowing height and frequency are really important during the summer also.  Generally mow high and often, so that you are never taking off more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade.

There are many things to consider in order to make the best decision for your lawn. Oklahoma lawn care companies are far from being “all the same.” With LawnAmerica, you’ll have the assurance that your lawn will be treated correctly with quality materials by local Tulsa lawn care professionals who really care about you and your lawn. Only LawnAmerica has the “We Care More” Guarantee. We’re not satisfied until you are and we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to please you so that you’ll join the ranks of thousands of happy LawnAmerica customers!

We are the largest locally owned lawn care company in Oklahoma, serving more customers with their lawn care needs than anyone in the state. This is because we do a better job, use better products on lawns, and keep our customers satisfied which results in more referrals from our happy customers. This has allowed us to grow more every year which helps our customers receive even better service and a faster response. For the past four years, LawnAmerica has been voted as Tulsa's BEST lawn care company by Oklahoma Magazine, GTR Newspapers, and have received Super Service Awards from Angie's List.

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